Breast Reduction: 4 After-Surgery Expectations for Every Patient

Many intending breast reduction patients have always asked what their after surgery positive expectations should be. They always want to know what the recovery process will be like after the procedure. Some unrealistic expectations which these intending patients are told cause them to fear. Some others that seem like benefits cause them to feel like speeding things up. This article is intended to consider and clarify these concerns. This is so your opinion of what to expect after the procedure will be realistic.

Immediate and Early Days Expectations

It is normal that you feel sore, fatigued and groggy the moment your breast reduction surgery procedure is completed. You need sufficient rest at this point. Discomfort and body pains are normal during the early days. You just need to follow your surgeon’s advice of continuing to rest ensuring that you do not sleep on your back but with your body propped up with 2 or 3 pillows. Pain mitigating drugs to lower intense discomfort must be taken as directed. You surgeon will also advice that you avoid certain activities during this period. It is of paramount importance that you do so as you heal. This is so you can prevent the occurrence of certain complications. Activities the professional might ask you to avoid comprise;

  • Any demanding exercise.
  • Bending at your waist.
  • Alcoholic intake.
  • All tobacco products.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Sexual endeavors.
  • Jogging or running.

First Week Expectations

You must see your surgeon for the first of many follow-ups by the end of the first week. The examinations are intended to forestall any complications and observe the progress of your healing. Swelling, bruising and soreness should have started a gradual decline by the end of the first week too. You must ensure that you continue to get proper rest and relaxation. This is to make certain that you heal properly. Depending on normal job requirements and healing progress, majority of patients are able to go back to work after about 1½ to 2 weeks.

Recovery /Expectations Going Forward

You should be able to go back to your usual duties and the remaining minor surgical swellings should have all disappeared in the months that follow. The normal issues of tingling and numbness should have also become a thing of the past. The scars from the breast reduction surgery will normally begin disappearing around this time. They will continue to do so with time. Moreover, a lot of people heal so much with time that their scars become quite unnoticeable. It is from this period too that you begin to notice the benefits of the procedure that led you into undergoing it in the first place.

Expected Benefits

Outcomes do vary in relation to the problems that led the patient to undergo the procedure. But as the recovery period begins to wind up, you surely begin to notice the expected benefits that convinced you to undergo the cosmetic surgery procedure. The benefits that are among the expectations include;

  • Relief from Headaches: Any headaches you might have will disappear. The weight of large breasts you were carrying around on your shoulders and neck causes headaches specifically in the head’s backend. Removing the extra weight makes your shoulders and back to feel much better and your head to stop aching.
  • Getting Clothes: It is a fact that large-breasted women find shopping for clothes a bit difficult. The procedure makes clothes shopping enjoyable again since you now easily find sizes that beautifully fit over your bust and breasts.
  • Better Sleep: Many women who have undergone the procedure admit that they now sleep much better. Huge breasts influence comfortable sleeping postures negatively. They even make you breathe harder when you sleep on your back since they weigh down a bit too much on your lungs.
  • Raised Self-Esteem: Huge breasts bring self-consciousness on women. You seize to wonder whether people are staring at your face or breasts after undergoing the procedure. As you continue to appreciate your reduced chest, your self-esteem equally continues to rise dramatically.

These are the main post-procedure expectations for every breast reduction surgery patient. It takes some time – normally a couple of months – for your scars and breast tissue to heal completely. Once they are healed, you will discover that your breast reduction surgery procedure has given you the firmer, smaller and more aesthetically attractive breasts you have desired in the first place.

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