What You Should Know Before Breast Enlargement Surgery

A breast augmentation more commonly referred to as a boob job has become the most in demand procedure in the cosmetic industry. The enhancement is determined according to individual profile assessments by a fully qualified surgeon. Learning how to prepare for enlargement and whether it is the right option for your needs can assist in making an informed decision.

Augmentation is an invasive procedure performed under local or general anesthetic with the purpose of enlarging the breasts for a fuller, balanced and more aesthetically pleasing result. Breast size has become a common concern among many women including changes in volume post pregnancy, after weight loss or natural development. The decision to have this enhancement must involve a fair amount of research to produce the healthiest and most pleasing outcome.

When deciding whether enhancement surgery is the procedure for you, assess the pros and potential cons associated with an augmentation. Implants can be placed under the pectoral muscle where there is a lack of tissue or over the soft tissue to produce a symmetrical and natural look. The size and shape of implant is determined according to individual dimensions as the surgeon will take measurements of the chest width and assess volume of tissue within the breasts.

Consult with a fully qualified and board certified cosmetic surgeon experienced in the performance of enhancements. The practitioner will examine individual profiles and determine the best plan for surgery. This includes the placement of the implants, size for increase and whether any corrective lifts are required to restore a balanced and normal result that will satisfy patient needs.

Go in with realistic expectations for the procedure and do not wish to have the same outcome as a particular image. Providing the surgeon with pictures of size and shape can provide an idea of what you are interested in, but the result is highly individualized and determined by many physical factors. The practitioner will advise on the most effective forms of enlargement to produce natural appeal.

Try on a bra and fill the cups with the desired size to obtain an idea of the enhancement. Be sure to place a shirt or top over the bra to determine what it will look like and whether the size or shape are suitable for the procedure. Ask the practitioner for before and after images of patients with similar dimensions to deliver a more accurate outcome.

Once the enhancement is completed, patients are restricted to movement of the arms and exercise for the first weeks of recovery. Plans should be made for time off work and preparation for limited movement including lifting the arms above the head. The dressing will have to be checked and changed daily to minimize infection and encourage faster healing processes.

Meeting with an experienced and licensed professional can provide individualized healthcare and aesthetic options for patients. Breast surgery is an invasive procedure and requires careful consideration before moving forward with a final cosmetic decision. Do not cut corners when meeting with a practitioner and ensure that your best interests are met to deliver a symmetrical and beautiful result.

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