Senior Citizens Flex At Fitness Bootcamp

Some fitness bootcamps will have classes especially for senior citizens. There are a couple of reasons for this, first in order to provide an inclusive environment, fitness bootcamps will not want to be seen to be excluding any section of society. Secondly, because of demand! Senior citizens today are more aware than ever before on how the quality of their life can be improved by maintaining a good level of personal fitness. They will seek out appropriate classes to keep their bodies in as good condition as possible at their age to improve their quality of life

At fitness bootcamp, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength classes are obviously not suited to the frailties of senior citizens, but a flexibility class is ideal! This is one reason you’ll see many elderly people at tai chi classes. The slow rhythmic and repetitive movements are ideally suited to senior citizens capabilities.

The difficulty for senior citizens comes from the natural degradation of the tendons and ligaments in the body over time. As we age the wear and tear and natural aging that occurs in the tendons and ligaments starts to impact on the range of movement that the joints are capably of completing. The good news though, is that through regular exercising that incorporates good flexibility and movement, the range of motion can be maintained and the aging effect can be greatly slowed. This improves the quality of life and helps senior citizens with day to day activities.

The benefits of senior citizens undertaking fitness bootcamp flexibility classes will be felt very quickly. Almost immediately they will feel an improvement in general well being, and more specifically, over time they will feel more capable in the type of every-day tasks. The main reason for this is that as people get older they generally do less exercise and become more lethargic. This reduction in movement of the bones and joints has a negative affect on flexibility and strength.

Some of this natural occurrence will be irreversible. As the tissues shrink and bones of the joints are pulled tighter reducing the free movement of the joint. There is hope however, as regular movement in joints can slow the process and assist with maintaining a level of free movement that will not impact on the kind of activities that affords the elderly some degree of capability.

At a fitness bootcamp flexibility class for senior citizens there will be a noticeable difference in pace compared to other bootcamp classes. That does not however compromise or diminish the positive effect that it has on the participants. Flexibility can be worked on with slow movements where every member of the class works to their own limits and still manages to achieve improvements in their own capabilities. The class instructor will encourage the class in this case not to push past their natural limits, but merely to reach that limit and hold it for a few seconds. This type of flexibility training is ideal for senior citizens. It reduces the risk of injury but still promotes an improvement in flexibility.

Senior citizens should be encouraged to attend fitness bootcamp flexibility classes if they are concerned about their physical capabilities decreasing. The improvement of their quality of life will be the key aim for their instructor!

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