Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise – There Are Advantages to Exercising at 6 AM

Many of the health benefits of exercise are immediate and take place even before you lose weight: this is true for the changes that help to fight Type 2 diabetes. So when are you going to start?

While morning exercise is good, there is nothing quite like the kind that happens first thing in the morning. If this sounds like it is going to be a motivational piece, that would not be the point. It is easy to get excited about the idea of working out early and using the energy boost it gives you to get your day started on the right foot. But you likely already know once your alarm rings, your perspective changes entirely. Your motivation is lower than it would be at any other time of day, and the only thing you may think about is hitting the snooze button enough times you only have time to get ready for work.

Let us consider what you may gain, and what you may lose from early morning exercises…

First with the cons: you have to wake up earlier than usual. It takes willpower. The cons are few, but they are rough. Enough motivation, however, is all you need to conquer this resistance. You can still get seven to eight hours of sleep with proper planning, and you can train yourself to wake up and not snooze when the alarm first rings.

Now the advantages: you likely know them already, especially the obvious ones. But do you realize how beneficial they are? And, there is nothing like waking up at 6 am and going for a workout. By the time you are at work…

  • you have exercised,
  • eaten a healthy breakfast, and
  • feel very awake.

Meanwhile, everyone else might be relying on their coffee and dreading the idea of obligatory exercise after their workday.

Also, it is not like you have to exercise every day of the week. If you can exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you are doing your well-being a world of favors.

A standard issue affecting many people is while they know they should be exercising, they find it hard to get around to. But if you start off your day with activity, you will not be dreading the idea throughout your day. Of course, you still might not entertain the idea the night before, but that is why you will set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual.

Lastly, 6 am is a suggestion. The point is to find a time that works for you. Since most adults work regular daytime hours, 6 am is likely an ideal window for you. But if you see it isn’t, just find the early time in your day that suits you. You will not regret it. Everyone can benefit from exercise, but people who have Type 2 diabetes probably have the most to gain.

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