Different Features of the Latest Treadmills You Should Know About

Are you using the right kind of treadmill for your specific goal? There are numerous models and designs of treadmills these days. Each model is designed for specific purposes. Unlike in the past where treadmills are generally used for exercising in the gyms and for diagnosis and therapy in medical facilities, treadmills are becoming a significant “appliance” in every home.

Whether you want to buy for your personal use or simply want to use the treadmill in the gym, it is vital to check certain features particularly on the durability and efficacy of the equipment. With the countless designs of treadmills available in the market, it could be very challenging to choose one.

To help you get the one that’s most appropriate for you, here are the different features of the most recent treadmills you should really know about.

  1. Weight capacity and Range of Speed

Most treadmills would have the maximum user weight capacity between 300 to 500 lbs. Some treadmills, particularly intended for bigger weights, have the user weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.

Range of speed varies from 0.5mph to 16mph. Some have a maximum speed of 12mph. Some up to 14mph.Those with higher weight capacity have generally lower range of speed with a maximum of 12mph. The best speed range would be from 1mph to 16mph.

  1. Range of Workout Programs Available

Latest designs that are ideal for both the newbies and professional trainers offer at least 20 workout options. Some models have as many as 28 workout programs while some have as few as seven.

  1. Range of Incline.

The incline range would usually start from zero to 15 percent with increments in 0.5 percent. However, some models have a range incline starting from -3%.

  1. Safety features include the following:

  • The impact control system and ground effects technology for better shock absorption and for reducing impact force on joints and avoiding lateral motion.
  • The footplant technology for a smoother running experience because this technology is responsible for providing users a natural and balanced running experience.
  • The power chord management system for keeping away the wires safely.

  1. Convenience and Flexibility features.

Ease of use is another feature you should know about and this would include LED display with touch sensors, telemetry for ease of monitoring heart rate, enough running surface, and entertainment options.

  1. Durability.

HP motors make durable exercising equipment.Some equipment lasts up to 4 hours of continuous use.

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