Fact Or Fiction – Reveal The Truth Of Childbirth And A Prolapsed Uterus

Nowadays, a number of women are dealing with the problem of the prolapsed uterus. It is a very common, yet painful condition, which makes it difficult for a woman to do her life chores like before. The condition also affects your hormones and makes it hard for you to stand or walk for too long. All its symptoms are really painful and in an order to get relief from the condition, it is necessary to take the treatment shortly. Though, women due to many reasons don’t have proper knowledge about the condition, which creates a lot of myth on their mind. Scroll down and pay attention to the point, to burst them all. So, let’s get started.

  • Childbirth Is The Major Cause Of The Condition: It is not the complete truth; childbirth can be the reason of a prolapsed uterus only in some cases. Therefore, you cannot solely blame it for the condition. People who don’t have a baby may also get affected by the condition because of aging, loss of estrogen, straining or other reasons.
  • C-Section Prevent Pelvic Floor Disorders: If you also have such misconception, so, its high time to come out of the dilemma because the true fact is that going through C-section or not doesn’t affect the occurring or not occurring of the condition. It’s again happened only in some cases and not all.
  • Long And Difficult Labor Always Cause The Condition: Well, long labor is very common and it is not always the culprit. If your pelvic muscles are weak and don’t have the strength to bear the pressure, so, it may increase the chances of having a prolapsed uterus, but not in all conditions.
  • Surgery Is An Ideal Treatment: Well undergoing the painful surgery for the treatment of the prolapsed uterus is not safe, as it involves high chances of recurrence, so. It is not an ideal method to take. Therefore, you should opt for the non surgical or Ayurvedic treatment to deal with the problem.

These are some of the common misconception women have about childbirth and a prolapsed uterus. And now you know what the fact is or what fiction is. So, don’t let any of the myth ruin your health. If you are dealing with the condition, go and get the treatment as soon as you come to know about the disease. Opt for good and healthy diet recommended by your health care provider, do some Kegel exercise regularly to prevent the condition or to reverse it.

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