Is Prolapsed Uterus Treatment Possible Without Any Surgery?

A prolapsed uterus is a very common problem in which the uterus of women slips down from its actual position into the vaginal canal and in extreme cases, outside the vagina. It is the most distressing and embarrassing condition for a woman and spares no age group. The condition doesn’t create any peril to your life, but can be painful and need immediate care. A number of medical conditions are associated with the diseases because they weaken the muscles that hold the uterus in its place. Other organ displacements people suffering from the condition face are:

  • Cystocele: It majorly occurs when a prolapsed bladder bulges through the vaginal wall. This may create the condition of urinary frequency, retention, and loss of urine.
  • Rectocele: Another organ displacement problem associated with the prolapsed uterus is Rectocele in which the rectum bulges through the vaginal floor. This condition makes the bowel movement difficult.
  • Enterocele: In this condition, the herniation of the upper vaginal wall where a small bowel portion bulges into the vagina. This condition leads to a backache and gives you the sensation of pulling into the vagina.

Child birth, aging, major surgery in pelvic area, straining, chronic coughing, obesity are some of the common reasons that cause the prolapsed uterus. Women suffering from the condition have the misconception that surgery is the only way to cure the condition, which is not a complete truth. Apart from surgery, you can go for the natural estrogen therapy, pessaries, and ayurvedic or non surgical method. Each and every method of treatment have its own advantages and disadvantages, thus, you have to be careful to make a smart decision to kick-off the problem at the earliest.

Going for the surgery is not only painful, but risky too. Also, the Natural Estrogen Therapy and inserting Pessaries may also have a number of side effects that you need to remember before choosing any of the methods.

Prolapsed uterus treatment by ayurvedic or non surgical method is safe among all its treatments available as it is pain-free and incorporated with the natural or herbal remedies, which are safe for your body and overall health. Also, the use of ayurvedic medicines eliminates the risk of its reappearance and doesn’t have any side effects on your body. From the above, it is clear that the treatment of a prolapsed uterus without any surgery is possible and safe; every woman suffering from the condition should go for this option as it helps them recover faster.

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